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Airtel - Negligence of Airtel

Fresh start of a year with fresh problems from Airtel and thanks to their obnoxious services they have done nothing to resolve the same. Precisely 5 days ago I complained to Airtel's DTH service providers that due to an unknown technical error I am unable to receive DTH signals into my TV. The very first day post my complaint they assured me that the issue will be sorted out the very next day. I was provided with a complaint number and a Technician's contact details (Reference num- 57577990). I contacted the service engineer (Mr. Kalai - 7639297554) but each time his phone remained unreachable. After wasting several hours trying to contact the engineer, I reached out to the customer care executive again but surprisingly learnt that my complaint was 'closed'. So now my already annoyed mind wondered; how can the issue be declared closed when in reality no one even bothered to look into it. There I remained baffled. Moving on, I explained my predicament for the third or fourth time to yet another customer care executive and received a fresh complaint number (57680089). This time too I was assured that a service engineer will arrive and hence I must be available at my residence. I did not step out of my house the entire day believing that Airtel will keep its word for once; spending the new day of the year like a rat in its hole and still no sign of any technician yet. I am very disgusted with Airtel's false assurances and fake concern for its customers. I have never felt so agitated. This is my last attempt to shout out to the concerned authorities at Airtel before I go ahead and move the consumer court.

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