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Airtel - Misleading, Respresentative hiding their identity and refused to share the recordings

Hi team, Airtel has been giving me misleading information from last 4 months....On December 12, 2016, I placed a request to PORT the number because I have been facing many issues in my connection but they never accept that this is their fault and when I placed a request for Port to vodafone. One of the representative from retention department (Soni) called me and asked me to not to port the number to vodafone and offered me "899" with 5gb data on 4g , unlimited calling Notional + raoming and 100 sms per day. I told her that network is the issue and thatswhy I need to Port the number. So, She said she will get this rectified and asked me to take Rs. 899 plan and I told her ok. On 13th December I received a call from Technical representative and requested me to try the sim in different phone so I asked him to give me a time of 1 hour because I am on my way . He said ok I will call back .so I did try my sim in different phone but I never received a call from the representative again. After waiting for 2 days I called today 15th December,2016 and tried to confirm what actions have been taken to resolve my issue. Representative not ready to respond well. I called 6 times today but was able to reach then only 3 times because of network issue. I told the first agent about my issues he said ok I will help you and later on when i told him about the plan offered to me . He clearly said we dont have such plan and call got disconnected I called again and was connected to a different agent and when I asked him that u must be having the notes about the issues I am facing so he clearly said I donot have the notes and said its just written call dropped so I told him the whole story again.This agent again said we can not provide the plan. I asked for a supervisor and when I was explaining the issue again call got dropped just because of the network issue. I called again and asked for a upervisor , and he clearly refused to help me so I asked for appelete office and called him.. His name was Devender Singh. I was asking for the recordings of the conversation which I had in last 4 days he refused for that as well. I asked for is employee id he refused for that as well. So, I just wanna sue them for the misleading information they have provided and for refusing me to provide me with the recordings as this is my right to ask for.

1 Dec 16, 2016 12:34 AM Telecommunications

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