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Airtel - Internet Data Usage Issue

Complaint Mail writtent to Airtel - "In continuation of my previous mail, I have not got any satisfactory response and my issue is just getting stretched. I have checked my phone for data usage and it shows Watsapp usage of 2.17 GB consumed between 27th to 29th Dec16. The consumption graph shows ONLY 330 MB IN FOREGROUND AND 1.84 GB CONSUMED IN BACKGROUND. This suggests what I have been saying that I did not use any data on Watsapp during the above mentioned period. Please refer image of phone usage attached for your reference. As already requested, please provide data services on my phone on complimentary terms so that I can complete this billing cycle which is till 22nd Jan 17. I have been a customer of Airtel for 12 years and using data services for last 3-4 years. Please check my data usage records. Never has been my data lpsed in 6 days from start of the billing cycle. Looking forward to immediate and constructive response.

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