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Airtel - Company has charged16000 rupees for 16gb data used though my plan has 50GB free usage

Airtel company has charged 16,000 rupees for usage of 15GB data on datacard. But my connection has 50GB of free data for which I pay monthly rental of 3500 rupees approximately inclusive of tax. I have received the bill and itemized section shows that from the day one they have charged for each bit consumed and there is no itemized section for 50GB data that I have consumed already. In total it is showing that I have consumed ~15GB data for which they have charged. Even if you think on the day one I might have consumed data fully, it is impossible, because I have 50GB data free. With max speed they support which is 17Mbps, one can download 0.125MB In one hour 60*60*0.125 = 450MB of data. In 24 hour one can download 24*450MB =10800MB of data or 1GB = 1024MB so with that conversion I should be able to consume only ~10GB of data everyday. But they are saying I have consumed 50GB of data on the day one only and I have used extra data on that and on the same day I have consumed extra data from then they started charging me. Also they have barred my number so I can't use the internet and I was dependent on this connection alone for my office work. Now it is two days since they have cut the connection and I have raised issue in bill complaint in Airtel but no response and they are still asking me to pay the bill. Please help Thanks, Akhiesh HM

0 Feb 21, 2017 06:41 PM Telecommunications

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