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Airtel - Airtel made wrong commitments and as a consumer I didn't get the proper attention

I had taken the Internet connection with account number '7028113705', airtel number '073133076230' and landline number '07314932433' in July 2016 with commitment of 15 GB data per month. And for which I had paid 4600/- INR. Following are my concerns, which I had already communicated to airtel long back, but in between they made some other story and confused me: 1. As at the time of taking connection I have been promised to provide 15 GB data per month but for month of July and Aug I just got 5 GB data each month. though in September 15 GB data was provided to me then how about July and Aug? 2. In September month I had requested airtel to transfer the connection to Pune location, after wasting my one week or so I came to know that the connection can't be transferred to the address provided by me, but same I had clarified that soon I will be shifting to pune will it be feasible to transfer the connection and answer from airtel was yes, we have strong network all over the pune. 3. I have asked for disconnection and refund as no other option was left, then I came to know that no refund will be provided to me. After so many discussions your executive was like ok you will get the refund. 4. I was fine till this moment and was waiting for some confirmation of disconnection and for amount to get credit. as its been more than a month and no communication had been made to me about this I had dropped the mail asking for status and came to know that my request of disconnection had been closed "I really don't know why and who said to do so?". 5. Now Airtel again logged a request of disconnection and daily I get more than 2 calls asking for why I want to discontinue. its really panic to explain same thing again and again, I am a working professional don't have so much of free time to explain this same thing so many times. Conclusion: I really can't afford paying 4600/- INR just for 25 GB in total and so much of inconvenience. as I had been promised for 15 GB per month, 25 GB don't even fulfil their commitment of 2 months. So out and out I Simply want four month's rent which i had paid in advance i.e. 3064/- INR (considering 766/- per month rental as I paid 4600/- for 6 months).

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