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Airtel - 4g services not provided for money paid

I paid 1497 RS to activate a special 4g data package on my prepaid mobile number , after 1.5 months my network speed was downgraded to 3g and many times even worse . After waiting for 10 days I raised a complaint with customer care on 4th Dec 2016 for which I was told that there is a technical issue at their end and 4g services would be activated again in 48 hours. 48 hours passed no change, so I called customer care back to hear that the ticket is in open status and it will be resolved in 48 hours..Many many 48 hours and is still have the problem and there is no resolution . Customer care knows nothing other than accepting there is a technical issue and postponing resolution time by 48 hours. Is it not a fraud to collect a significant amount promising for a service and then downgrading your service which is not resolved for more than a month.. Reference numbers of all interactions with airtel customer care from Dec 6th (after first 48 hours to resolve the issue) are given below. Please take action. C4GDA31204325234, registered on 04-dec-2016 10:31. Your CGPSC21207560862 registered on 07-dec-2016 12:32 Your CGPSC21207640463 registered on 07-dec-2016 21:22 Your CGPSC21210000139 registered on 10-dec-2016 12:50 Your CMOAC21217981492 registered on 17-dec-2016 21:30

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