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Airtel - Airtel services - down for no fault of mine

I requested Airtel for an add on service for UAE roaming. Not only they couldn't activate it but got my regular incoming and outgoing barred in Bangalore itself. Multiple calls, multiple false promises, supervisors like Sagarika and Josh coming online, buying time, promising call backs which they never did and after 7 hours no one knows when this will be resolved. Is this the state of our national service providers? Their call center supervisors don't live up to the promises they make; their technicians can't fix a problem they themselves created in 8 hours time and no one even bothers to take ownesrship or responsibility. I know it doesn't matter to them even if I switch services providers. But is this the service I expect as consumer after being with them for morthan 10 years and having paid every penny of every single bill on or before time always. Is there anyone responsive and responsible at Airtel who is taking note of this. #AirtelPathetic

0 Dec 22, 2016 11:04 PM Telecommunications

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