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Air India - Illiterate staff - Ground staff don’t know how to talk even.

Illiterate staff - Ground staff don’t know how to talk even. I missed my flight only because of pathetic service provided by Airlines ground staff. They don’t know how to charge a passenger for extra luggage. According to him the present day was Sunday and his boss wasn’t there and he don’t know anything about the process. Helpless Airport Manager, No higher authorities were available at airport from Air India. Staff were like DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, We don’t care. I don’t know how they are running their airlines with such pathetic staff, who don’t know what to do. What exactly happened was - Yesterday on 18th December 2016 i have booked a seat in AIR INDIA Express - IX183. I reached there in time and then was forwarded to excess baggage counter because of extra baggage i was carrying. No one guided me that where to go what to do. I found the place and talk to the agent there who was sitting at the counter, but This Mr. X was not ready to serve me at the counter, he wanted me to go inside his chamber by crossing all the security gates at airport. I did as he said. Then after reaching his chamber i came to know that he knows nothing about the systems he was handling. He was a Male (as i described him as HE) and using a FEMALE username in his systems where it was written as PRINCI SINGH. He was calling someone for every operation. This guy have eaten 40 minutes of my time then refused me to give any excess baggage slip and told me that i can’t board the plane. When i tried to reach Air India office at the Airport, The guy sitting in there introduced himself as Head of Air India Express but did not give any names, neither him nor his staff. He clearly said that I gave them trouble and its my fault that i booked Air India Express ticket. After this i have tried to reach airport manager, but even him wasn’t available and his juniors in his office were helpless to do anything.

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