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Acer India - Poor customer support

IQ4I Research had purchased Acer Aspire E1-531 through Paytm on 18/06/2016 via Invoice: 46582/2016-17/16281. The user reported on 25/10/2016 that there was some issue with display and decided to call the customer support since the laptop was new and covered under warranty (just 4 months old). As requested by the customer support Invoice details were mailed to [email protected] and a snapshot of serial number was shared as requested. We received email from [email protected] on 11/11/2016 indicating that Vaibhav Systems & Solutions India-Bangalore has been assigned as service center with complaint reference number 2047898I. Later on 14/11/2016 representative from Viabhav Systems & Solutions India (VSSIPL) requested us to send a snapshot of laptop screen and a reply was sent on same day at 13:01. A reply was received from VSSIPL same day indicating that the issue was due to internal damage to LED Module Assembly. This conclusion was reached by service provider without physically verifying the issue with the product. A commerical proposal to replace the screen was sent. Intent here was to sell their product rather than solving the customer issue. As we did not receive any satisfactory response from the customer support after 14/11/2016 and no effort was made by the support personal to visit and verify the laptop. On 24/11/2016, Mr Satish, Director, IQ4I Research, wrote an email to '[email protected]'; '[email protected]' on the way the whole issue was handled without any physical verification and also stressed again on the point that we have not seen any such physical damage to the laptop as mentioned in their pictorial examination. Moreover, the person who is using the laptop has mentioned that the system was not functioning and there was a gradual loss of screen function. Also raised doubts about their post sales service, as we have several other Acer laptops, which may also have same fate. Requested them to consider this on priority, and suggested that a mere pictorial verification can’t be used to arrive at conclusions. We have not received any response to this from vssipl for almost 3 weeks, this shows they were purposefully delaying the issue and we have done a follow-up again on 15/12/2016. This time we were lucky to get a call from executive explaining terms and conditions of the warranty. During call they repeated the same that internally screen got damaged (this person doesn’t even know the case properly and were trying to send a quote for screen replacement) Until today, the customer care support (VSSIPL) without even verifying the problem physically and assessing the cause simply avoiding the case. We strongly believe that the damage to screen happened due to poor quality of the component. We would like to raise the lack of professionalism in handling the whole issue. In a similar situation with other laptop vendor the problem was solved in a very professional way without asking any query, as the product was under warranty. We seek your support in resolving this issue as early as possible. Regards Satish BK

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