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AVC TOWNSHIP PVT.LTD - Company sold open land of layout to individual person(Mr.P.Surender Reddy) by cheating .

I am S.Madan Mohan, s /o. chandraiah. Mobile No. 8096609827 purchased plot in 2015 from mr.p.surender reddy who purchased the open land from AVC TOWNSHIP PVT LTD. HYDERABAD. in 2007.Recently I constructed 2 story building costing 22 lac. Now Gram panchayath officer(VRO), upperguda village issued letter to me not to continue construction further and The amount what I spent so far is hard earned money in 50% of my effective life. Please guide me and help me to get out my trouble.

0 Dec 21, 2016 06:19 AM Real Estate

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