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AJIO.COM - Services & Fake Commitments

AJIO COMMENTS - Hey Vidya, looks like you had an unpleasant experience with us. Please share your contact number we shall call you and resolve the issue asap. resolve the issues asap AJIO COMMENTS- thanks for sharing your number, please expect a call back from our team in some time. We most certainly will assist you, in order for us to pull up details and look into the issue further please send in the mobile number or the email id registered with AJIO. AJIO COMMENTS- Hi Vidya, we tried calling you on however, the number was not reachable. Request you to please share an alternate contact number and let us know a good time to talk to you. VIDYA COMMENTS : You people are lying now, then-to you take my alternate number. But i dont think so, you can resolve my issues I want my refund asap.Your service is pathetic your people disconnect the call in mid of conversation, disgusting thanks for sharing the alternate number, please expect a call back in some time now. When i ask to transfer the call to Manager, she (Monisha) disconnected the call,this is d first n last shopping from my end. I will suggest my friends not to shop from your website Really sorry for the inconvenience, please stay with us and we shall resolve the issue asap. As u know there is a cash issue, But i was waiting in a queue for 2 hours, still i made this payment in cash i think that was a biggest mistake i did by paying these amount to you Other Shopping Sites are refunding the amount with in 3-4 working days Even in your website i have clicked on my account, my products are not reflecting,it is shoeing no orders Even you people are not exchanging the product not even refunding. 2 hours passed still no call or email from your i was expecting the same, i came to know that you people are not even bothered for your customer issues, I will request all my friends, not to buy your product from your website, as they should not face the same problem.You people are fake, I got a call from Joyce from Social Media Dept on 13th Dec,16, as she had given me the commitment that once the pick up is done u will receive your refund amount in 2-3 working days, u people just give fake commitments, & don't fulfill it, Now its too much. I had given so many calls to your customer care number, & had word with different people & repeating same story to every one of u, but no actions has taken till now, I had a word with monisha & sneha, they are not transferring the call to Joyce, Even joyce is not bothered to call back after getting a message, Today i had word with Pankaj, He said that amount will be credited to my AJIO account, but Joyce had already given a fake commitment that amount will be credited to my bank account, i am fed up with your fake promises, I want my refund in 2 days to my bank account or else i will share all the recording on Consumer Forum.

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