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Act FiberNet - Demanding cash in the middle to continue connection

I had an ACT broadband for more than 6 months now. At that time, I already paid the amount for new connection and installation charges (Rs.2299). After few months, my landlord found that ACT was giving connection to 8 houses from the box kept in our building (with all ugly wires hanging all around the building) so my landlord demanded to move the box or give connection only in this building if the box is being kept here. Now ACT is saying they'll disconnect it for now since they don't have permission to keep box (it should be noted that none of the other 8 customers are willing to keep box in their building). Now act is demanding another Rs.2100 if I want to continue using ACT broadband. I find this cheating because they already took these charges from me in the beginning or never mentioned about this before I get connection. Also, they were stealing power from my building for more than a year (even before I had connection, they kept the box here and drew power from my plug). Is there anyway I can ask a big compensation from the company for lying and putting me in this kind of inconvenience. If there's any legal experts or lawyers here who can help me get a big compensation from the company, I'm willing to share 25% of that amount I receive as compensation. Thank you

0 Apr 10, 2017 04:57 AM Internet Services

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