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Makkar Multispecialty Hospital - Medical Negligence & Non Compliance of Laws

Complaint against Makkar Multispecialty Hospital A-1,2 Priyadarshni Vihar, Delhi-110092 My father Late Shri Sushil Rastogi got admitted in emergency in Makkar Multispeciality Hospital on 19.09.2016 and remained admitted in the ICU of the said Hospital till 22.09.2016. That he was not given proper treatment and no care was given to him despite of the charges of ICU no care of even a ward patient was given to him. Due to negligence and carelessness of the Hospital staff and doctors my father expired on 22.09.2016 Till date the Hospital had not intimated the MCD about his death and his death certificate had not been applied. I have made 30 call and 7 personal visits to the Hospital but all in vain. The staff sitting at reception in unable to check whether was patient was expired on 22.09.2016 or discharged to home. On 14.01.2017 I visited the Hospital 6th time and asked about the status of death certificate of my father. The person sitting on the reception namely Mohan noted all details of me and my deceased father but was unable to tell from record that whether on 22.09.2016 the patient expired or discharged to home. On my last visit i.e. on 15.01.2017 no doctor or responsible officer was their in the entire Hospital. I want to know from the concerned authorities : 1.Whether this Hospital fulfil the norms of a Hospital in Delhi? 2.Whether the Hospital in not bound to inform the MCD about the Death and the reason of death occurred during their treatment in the Hospital? 3. Whether there is any health officer or supervision of any government authority over these private Hospital?

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