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About - Bajaj Finance Limited

                                    We understand the primal desire to create a better and bolder reality. Trying to achieve success is the fuel, the bare necessity that drives each and every one of us. We understand that it comes with access to money as a precondition.

Today, we are the most diversified non-bank in the country, financing the widest set of outcomes. The cornerstone of our success lies in simply understanding your issues and pain points, and the fact that your pursuits are not limited to a few areas of your life only. Since, we understand these issues, we are able to create products and services which places the advantage in your court.

We are driven by the simple philosophy of ‘Go for Great’. For us, every milestone is an indication to better ourselves further and improve on our achievements. Greatness is an unending journey, and it is this journey that we celebrate.

Our entire portfolio is designed to enable you to take control of your aspirations. Aspirations as varied as improving your lifestyle, buying a home, indulging in that much deserved family holiday to expanding your business or making that big acquisition, whatever be your plan, we have the capability to support it.

You may wonder though that all banks and non-banks do it, so what’s the big deal? There is.

It’s not just the width of our portfolio to support all your aspirations across all walks of your life, but also the fact that no one can do it faster. And that’s not it. We ensure that your pursuits are not limited by limited access to finance by extending the biggest ticket sizes across most of our portfolios.

Through our deep investments in technology, processes and people, we have ensured we deliver what we promise. We partner with the best in the game across the world to cut process time and sift out unnecessary details. We put a result oriented work culture ahead of everything else. We keep as much focus on simplifying life for our existing customers as we do for acquiring new ones.

The net result - you get what you need in lesser time, a more transparent manner, giving you the control to create bigger and bolder outcomes.

Here is a quick overview of our portfolio of businesses:                                
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